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Former Play Festival Topics

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2019-Examining Family

Messages by Shea Christie
Directed by Helen Young
Featuring: Milton Joseph, Ange Tamdem and Madison Toma-Dame


Boxes by Caitlin Russell
Directed by Sarah Glubish
Featuring: Wendy Froberg and Michelle Are


Flowers by Ruxandra Chirila

Directed by Andrea Cortes and Jenesis Santos
Featuring: Karl Lubangas and Nancy Ngo


A Part of Myself by Steven Morton
Directed by Helen Young and Holly Hueskin
Featuring: Jill Howell-Follows, Mariah Holland, Amanda Iandolo, Issac Bignell and Benjamin Edwardson

2023-Examining Confrontation

Purg City by Milton Joseph
Directed by Mary Bogucka
Featuring: Gudrun Schulze Ebbinghoff, Austyn Van De Kamp

And How Was Your Week? by Wendy Froberg
Directed by Wendy Froberg
Featuring: Hayley Feigs, Milton Joseph, Hannah Yurub, Jeff Gottfredsen, Bryan McHale


Louise Bridge by Marilynn Russell

Directed by Helen Young

Assistant Director: Valeria Orrego Vargas
Featuring: Finley Hytonen, Willow Martens

2018-Examining Addictions

Portrait of the Beautiful and the Damned  by Sajan Ray Dhaliwal

Directed by Helen Young

Featuring: AJ Anwar and Sara Mattsson

Finding Euphoria by Amber Rowden
Director: Shelby Reinitz
Featuring: Emily Snell, Linda Dang, Ben Jones, Christi Dos Santos-Wing and Daniel Kim


INNER DEMONS by Mackenzie McDonald
Director: Kaleigh Richards
Featuring: Kathleen Brigham, Adeline Aris and Mikenzie Page


Phobias by Shea Christie
Director: Matt Dewald
Featuring: Mikenzie Page, Ben Jones, Anna Mae Alexander , Daniel Kim and Christi Dos Santos-Wing

2017-Examining Mental Illness(es)

Picture Says a Thousand Words by Kas Nixon

Directed by Jenna Leclaire and Christine Campbell

Featuring: Dawn Nagazina and Rohini Singh


La Mere/La Mer by Maria Crooks

Directed by Jessica Bruhn

Featuring: Sasha Monica and Chris Gibson

Car Keys by Chelsea Shortall

Directed by Kaleigh Richards

Featuring: Linda Dang and Kathleen Fraser


(un)convention by Jessica Gurnsey

Directed by Helen Young

Featuring: Emily Snell and Emma Secord

2016-Examining Sexuality


Outspoken by Steven Morton,

Directed by Erin Noble
Featuring: Meaghan Mosher and Cynthia Salter


The Sweet Delights of Dating by Grant Dawson

Directed by Mya Swedburg
Featuring: Jerrall Prakash, Linda Dang, and Jen Leclaire

Lust on Trial by Kira Collins

Directed by Steven Rimke
Featuring: Megan Pepper, Stuart Bentley, Terry Chung, Kimberly Carson, and Sandy Lucas


Family Fiasco by Lyndsee Thompson

Directed by AJ Jutras
Featuring: Morgan Garnier, Danicia Ashmore, Mackenzie Mcdonald, Annalee Mckellar, Killeen Delorme, and Peter Kieran


What Now by Annalise Gray

Directed by Courtney Charnock
Featuring: Jonathan Molinski, Brett Tromburg, Tasha Leibel, and Alex Peters


Dreamboat by Maria Crooks

Directed by Mira Maschmeyer
Featuring: Amber Rowden, Erica Ho, and Jesse Ajohn

2015-Examining Power


Voice of the Silent by Bronte Wessig 
Directed by Aya Staley
Featuring: Maria Fernandez 
A young women explains her actions.

Who's Laughing Now by Linda McCready 
Directed by Helen Young
Featuring: Stephanie Orr and Olga Primak

Fat Petey Gets It All Wrong by Ron Frankel 
Directed by Michael Badger 
Featuring: Jerrall Prakash and Peter Kiren

Kissing Boo Boos by Stacey Lane 
Directed by Jenna Leclaire
Featuring: Marin Davis, Victoria Souter, Amber Rowden, Chandler Kerr

The Accident by Richard Ballon 
Directed by Olga Primak
Featuring: Brit Kennedy and Stephanie Orr

For A Loop by Donna Hoke 
Directed by Jenna Leclaire
Featuring: Angela Giffin and Tara Baergen

Doughnut Hole by Donna Hoke 
Directed by Wendy Froberg
Featuring: Maria Crooks, Sandy Lucas and Liz O'Shea

2014-Examining Trust


Mishaps and MisFits by Zahra Damji and Salima Wali

Directed by Zahra Damji

Featuring: Wonser D, Ben Francis, Toni Marie Nielsen, Kirsten Lankaster and Aaron Baumgarten


Mt. St. Helen’s by Rebecca Wohlgemuth

Directed by Helen Young

Featuring: Donna Barnfield, Hannah Dick and Mico Migliarese


Best Interests by Wendy Froberg

Directed by Sam Braitenback

Featuring: Terry Chung, Chantelle Han, Jen Leclaire, Byron Mayberry, Aya Staley and Sherry West


But Is It Art by George Freek

Directed by Brit Kennedy

Featuring: Wendy Froberg, Mick Richards, Jerrall Prakash and Lara Zaluski

2013-Examining Freedom


A Fall as Warm as This by Jesse Anderson

Directed by Helen Young

Featuring: Lorraine Eger, Kendra Hutchinson, and Tyler Reinhold


Mona by Sharon Montgomery

Featuring: Edna Poffenroth


Come Away by Christine Foster

Directed by Brit Kennedy

Featuring: Helen Young, Kristin Jakobson, and Kelton Kolodychuk


Free by Jessica Anderson

Directed by Kira Collins

Featuring: Aya Staley, Aaron Baumgarten, and Steven Morton

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