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Former Play Festival Topics

2018-Examining Addictions

Portrait of the Beautiful and the Damned  - By Sajan Ray Dhaliwal, Directed by Helen Young

2017-Examining Mental Illness(es)

Picture Says a Thousand Words by Kas Nixon

Directed by Jenna Leclaire and Christine Campbell

Featuring: Dawn Nagazina and Rohini Singh


La Mere/La Mer by Maria Crooks

Directed by Jessica Bruhn

Featuring: Sasha Monica and Chris Gibson

Car Keys by Chelsea Shortall

Directed by Kaleigh Richards

Featuring: Linda Dang and Kathleen Fraser


(un)convention by Jessica Gurnsey

Directed by Helen Young

Featuring: Emily Snell and Emma Secord

2016-Examining Sexuality


Outspoken by Steven Morton,

Directed by Erin Noble
Featuring: Meaghan Mosher and Cynthia Salter


The Sweet Delights of Dating by Grant Dawson

Directed by Mya Swedburg
Featuring: Jerrall Prakash, Linda Dang, and Jen Leclaire

Lust on Trial by Kira Collins

Directed by Steven Rimke
Featuring: Megan Pepper, Stuart Bentley, Terry Chung, Kimberly Carson, and Sandy Lucas


Family Fiasco by Lyndsee Thompson

Directed by AJ Jutras
Featuring: Morgan Garnier, Danicia Ashmore, Mackenzie Mcdonald, Annalee Mckellar, Killeen Delorme, and Peter Kieran


What Now by Annalise Gray

Directed by Courtney Charnock
Featuring: Jonathan Molinski, Brett Tromburg, Tasha Leibel, and Alex Peters


Dreamboat by Maria Crooks

Directed by Mira Maschmeyer
Featuring: Amber Rowden, Erica Ho, and Jesse Ajohn

2015-Examining Power


Voice of the Silent by Bronte Wessig 
Directed by Aya Staley
Featuring: Maria Fernandez 
A young women explains her actions.

Who's Laughing Now by Linda McCready 
Directed by Helen Young
Featuring: Stephanie Orr and Olga Primak
Feathers are ruffled when a high profile woman is targeted by a stand up comic.

Fat Petey Gets It All Wrong by Ron Frankel 
Directed by Michael Badger 
Featuring: Jerrall Prakash and Peter Kiren
A comical look at infidelity and extremes.

Kissing Boo Boos by Stacey Lane 
Directed by Jenna Leclaire
Featuring: Marin Davis, Victoria Souter, Amber Rowden, Chandler Kerr
Lines get blurred on a children's playground.

The Accident by Richard Ballon 
Directed by Olga Primak
Featuring: Brit Kennedy and Stephanie Orr
Two sisters deal with a dire situation.

For A Loop by Donna Hoke 
Directed by Jenna Leclaire
Featuring: Angela Giffin and Tara Baergen
A mother goes head to head with a teacher to defend her child.

Doughnut Hole by Donna Hoke 
Directed by Wendy Froberg
Featuring: Maria Crooks, Sandy Lucas and Liz O'Shea
A seniors bowling league is the setting for conflict, jealousy and competition.

2014-Examining Trust


Mishaps and MisFits by Zahra Damji and Salima Wali

Directed by Zahra Damji

Featuring: Wonser D, Ben Francis, Toni Marie Nielsen, Kirsten Lankaster and Aaron Baumgarten


Mt. St. Helen’s by Rebecca Wohlgemuth

Directed by Helen Young

Featuring: Donna Barnfield, Hannah Dick and Mico Migliarese


Best Interests by Wendy Froberg

Directed by Sam Braitenback

Featuring: Terry Chung, Chantelle Han, Jen Leclaire, Byron Mayberry, Aya Staley and Sherry West


But Is It Art by George Freek

Directed by Brit Kennedy

Featuring: Wendy Froberg, Mick Richards, Jerrall Prakash and Lara Zaluski

2013-Examining Freedom


A Fall as Warm as This by Jesse Anderson

The touching story of a girl whose mother is in the early stages of dementia

Directed by Helen Young

Featuring: Lorraine Eger, Kendra Hutchinson, and Tyler Reinhold


Mona by Sharon Montgomery

The story of a woman dealing with retirement

Featuring: Edna Poffenroth


Come Away by Christine Foster

Sometimes a boy is just not good enough for a mother’s precious daughter

Directed by Brit Kennedy

Featuring: Helen Young, Kristin Jakobson, and Kelton Kolodychuk


Free by Jessica Anderson

What do you do when an animal in captivity is just too animal for the human world but too human for the animal kingdom

Directed by Kira Collins

Featuring: Aya Staley, Aaron Baumgarten, and Steven Morton