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Past Productions


Come Home

Both exciting and contemplative, Come Home exists within a single moment of reflection as Connor Evans, a young Calgarian man, faces condemnation in a foreign country. Searching for his identity, Connor navigates the thrills and pitfalls of Australian criminal nightlife when he realizes too late that he's in too deep. Come Home examines the desperation of separation and loneliness. How much moral compromise justifies the search for meaning and family?

By jc Charlton

A play about finding the meaning of life in the face of death. What happens when two estranged sisters are brought together because one is dying? BONDS looks at the role of patient and caregiver and what happens when the roles are reversed

By Helen Young
The Inconvenience
by Grant Dawson

Helen's parents were killed in a car crash. Or were they? Helen thinks she knows who she is.
Until she starts looking into her roots, to her birthplace, England, and discovers a twisted tale of

intrigue she didn't know she was part of.

I ain't so tough

I Ain't So Tough is a new play by Rose Scollard produced by Urban Stories Theatre. The production centers around Jesse, a straight-laced senior. When she receives some money from a soldier she danced with decades ago, she doesn't know what to think. All she knows is that she feels a little manipulated by this man she can barely remember. 

By Rose Scollard
The age of love

The Age of Love is a wacky comedy about an inheritance, a free-spirited step-grandma, a libidinous young man, his jealous mama, a weirdly eccentric German doctor and a ruthlessly ambitious talk show host. Non-stop hilarity ensues when these unlikely characters are brought together on a tabloid TV show.


Jenna Shummoogum from

Urban Stories Theatre’s The Age of Love explores unconventional love

Joyful Magpies

The Age of Love Turns The Taboo Into Something Sweet

By Maria Crooks

Through an accidental encounter, an unlikely relationship forms between Kirsten and Seth, that changes their social dynamic. Under intense scrutiny and judgment, Kirsten is forced to re-examine her relationships with others and herself. Facade tells the story of Kirsten who rises above her insecurities to become comfortable with who she is.

By zahra damji
The servant

The Servant tells the story of a poor, uneducated woman in the years prior to, and after the end of centuries of  oppressive colonial rule in Jamaica, whose life seems destined to remain downtrodden  and miserable. Will her dream of a better future for herself and her children come true or are the odds stacked against her, too many for her to overcome?

By Maria Crooks
A Fall As Warm As THis

A Fall As Warm As This takes a look at a mother and daughter losing each other due to early onset dementia. It is a fascinating study of survival and how people may react to a seeming hopeless situation.

By Jesse Lynn Anderson
no way back

In a world where career choices come with fierce competition, marriage and family plans get put on hold for best friends Christine and Zoe. The aging runway model and rising lawyer stick together to make their dreams come true. Enter Adam, Christine's almost perfect man. Once wedding plans heat up reality settles in for both ladies, and the battle for Adam takes center stage. The road to "I do" can be longer than you think!

Bt Helen Young

Family bonds offer us support, nurturance, belonging and a sense of identity. But if they aren't healthy, they can create dysfunctional patterns that are passed down through the generations. We move from being cared for by our parents to caring for them. But if they abandoned, neglected or abused us, are we obligated to support them should they fall on hard times? How do we keep from repeating histories that perpetuate family pain? Riches explores themes of loss, emotional damage, forgiveness and what we value in our lives.

By wendy froberg
A touch of grace

This play tackles the teen sex trade by showing how the tragedy of a 14-year sex worker helps a caseworker find a sense of hope and belonging. After the ugliness of life on the street Grace inspires all those around her when she enters a home for teen sex workers.

By Helen young
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