Season 9 

The creative team at Urban Stories Theatre are busy working on some exciting projects for Season 9! This season our focus will be Examining Isolation. All of our productions will have a “What does isolation look like to you?” theme. We are looking forward to seeing what you have to offer!


The Play Off Series

The Play Off Series for new playwrights to help take their stories to the next level. This is a chance to a) see your play on stage, b) get feedback from invited judges and c) get a chance to win a dramaturg workshop with Urban Stories Theatre.

Just Acts Play Festival

The Just Acts Play Festival is an annual event held in February of each year. UST chooses a theme for the year and then invites local playwrights to submit short plays based on that theme. The plays must be under 20 minutes in length. A committee then chooses 3 or 5 plays to be part of the festival based on what will offer the most variety.

This season we are Examining Isolation. Plays should be under 20 minutes, small cast (3 to 5 characters), be un-produced and have a simple set. 


Urban Stories Theatre Workshops 2022/23
Details Coming soon

In Rehearsal

The Creative team at UST are working on some exciting projects for season 10 so stay tuned for  performance and workshop details coming soon!